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CA gold

As one might expect, gold is the official state mineral of California and was so designated in 1965.  The gold discovery in January 1848 rapidly transformed a pastoral landscape  into a societal melting

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Spike Teams


Before bicycles became popular during the Civil War, people got about on foot or horseback, and in a variety of four-wheeled conveyances powered by horses, mules, or oxen.  A solitary horse could manage a light-weight

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Wooden barrelWoodcraftsmen who made containers were called coopers, and the use of particular woods to suit each need was the cooper’s special art because each wood reacted differently, both in the crafting process and also to items that might be stored

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Sailing ship Shortly after the close of the American Revolution, Boston whalers and other ships hunting the prized sea otter began navigating in California waters. Merchant ships from several nations followed.  At the time, Spanish-owned California was a

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Robert Waterman

Future California governor Robert Whitney Waterman was one of the lucky gold miners in 1850, netting $500 a day near the Feather and Yuba Rivers. Returning to his home in Illinois the following year, he became a

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